Indoor Navigation

Creating Maps for the inside world

How often have you entered an enormous shopping mall or a supermarket and not known where your required store or product is? Navigating through these huge complexes can be tiresome unless you had the path drawn in front of you. Indoor Navigation is a solution that helps customers cruise through these environments by transforming any indoor space into an immersive AR navigation. Our solution will provide all the locations and directions directly through your smartphone camera.

We, at HexR, provide state of the art services in indoor mapping, localization, and routing technology for such indoor environments. By incorporating Simultaneous Location and Mapping(SLAM) with Augmented Reality, we provide hassle-free navigation and direction. Using Indoor Positioning System(IPS), a retail store can track the movement of users and gain knowledge of those products which gather more traffic. Arranging and positioning those products in the optimal location using this data improves customer satisfaction and experience as a whole.

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