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Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulated world that often features elements of the fantastical. While Virtual Reality can be used to depict the possibilities in the real world, its applications include building worlds where the physics of our reality do not apply. Hence, we find the virtual reality experience often associated with games. That being said, VR sees endless potential in real-world applications as well. Hexr Factory, as a virtual reality company, is at the forefront of this new technology.

Virtual Reality as technology is seeing large scale adoption and development. With numerous companies innovating and operating in this field simultaneously, endless solutions have been delivered. While this seems promising and offers exciting prospects in terms of possibilities, pricing, optimization, and excellence, this also poses a new problem: how does the end-user choose amongst the innumerable similar options presented to him? If this were not enough, the customer is also left hapless as one solution fails to interact with a competing solution.

Hexr Factory delivers end-to-end solutions that encompass the entire product life cycle: from design to delivery. We work closely with clients to build solutions customized to their needs using proprietary technologies that address their every requirement while ensuring that the end product plays well with other technologies available in the market. Hexr Factory, being a virtual reality company, understands the nuances of innovating in an abstract, undefined and misunderstood space, and we offer unparalleled virtual reality experiences whatever the terms.


At Hexr Factory, we’re constantly innovating and designing products and solutions that are seamless in adoption and play well with current technological advancements. Hexr Factory, being a Virtual Reality Company in India, is building tech and implementing these innovations globally. As a company focused on giving back to society, we respect and acknowledge our roots by deploying world-class tech locally, adapting it to local flavor and needs.

Virtual Reality is a burgeoning field that is seeing constant innovation with its application spectrum constantly widening. Gaining massive traction, companies in diverse sectors are seeking to capitalize on this emerging technology. Some of the world’s biggest brands are heavily investing in the virtual reality experience in an effort to get an early start.

At Hexr Factory, we pride ourselves on being socially aware, and it is towards this belief that we have implemented projects that uplift and champion the cause of our social milieu, making us one of the most respected virtual reality companies in Chennai.

Hexr Factory provides solutions for the healthcare industry. Our virtual reality solutions can be used to train doctors in the intricacies of surgery, communicating and building patient’s trust, eliminating any margin for errors, especially where the resources are scarce and costly. Doctors in training for the armed forces can be sensitized and readied for the rigors of battle, with this virtual reality experience enabling them to keep their calm instead of giving in to nerves.

Hexr Factory assists real estate builders, governmental bodies and planning commissions in preparing for the future. We recreate highly-accurate models of existing structures in 3-Dimensional space that can be modified and reimagined in real-time. These solutions have been deployed and scaled and are first among virtual reality companies in India. Our proprietary solutions allow for the designing and visualization of complex systems that make up habitable spaces: from the microcosm to the city at large, taking into account various dynamics that come into play.

We help end-users, as well as businesses, save on prototyping and other design costs by building hyper-realistic representations of their products. As a virtual reality company in Chennai, our solutions enable for the developing of a prototype from scratch, with its parts and components detachable (in the exploded view) for real-time editing and customization. These designs can be edited in real-time by multiple collaborators and teams, eliminating the need for the design to follow a hierarchical life cycle, with all changes tracked, categorized and stored for future reference.

The above solutions have revamped how our clients in the automotive sector think business. Their customers have the liberty of choosing from a diverse set of color, design and component options in real-time. Hexr Factory has rethought Industrial Safety with our solutions allowing for training and experience with otherwise dangerous and costly equipment, as well as on-job remote assistance from experts across the globe.

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